UKIM Youth Snowdon Trek 2016

Snowdon Poster 2016

UKIM Youth Snowdon Trek 2016

Trek for Youth Projects!

Welcome to UKIM Youths Third  Snowdon Trek inshallah the biggest one yet. On this page you will find everything you need to join the Treck and become a part of the national team focusing on increasing Youth projects across the UK, inshallah. Read on and you will find a few easy steps to become a part of this great adventure.

UKIM Youth have decided to trek Snowdon again, we would like you, your friends and your family to join us a for fun day out.

The registration fee of the Trek is £15 and your challenge will be to raise as much as you can and then join us on Saturday 16th July 2016 along with a group of enthusiastic and compassionate brothers and sisters trekking for a great cause.

The aim of UKIM Youth is to seek the pleasure of Allah SWT by developing a better understanding of Islam amongst the youth.  We aim to make ourselves and the youth better Muslims, intelligent students and responsible citizens.  To achieve these objectives we have organised a Bungee Jump to raise money to go towards:

·         Supporting Youth work at the local level,

·         Organising a National UKIM Youth convention with international speakers,

·         Organising a National summer camp,

·         Organising National sports activities,

·         Develop a Youth leadership programme,

·         Setting up weekly Study Circles in branches which need support.

UKIM Youth needs your assistance to help with our current and future projects. Your support is essential to enable us to expand our youth activities.

How to get involved?

Registration deadline: Friday 24th June 2016.


Step 1: Set up your just giving page by clicking on

and click on “join the team” create your own personnel page, once you have done that click on the link above and join the team.

you can also set up a personalised text code on your fundraising page please try prefix it with UKIMY then a number of your choice. 

Step 3: Start your adventure by collecting the sponsorship, have lots of fun and don’t forget the UKIM Youth National team are here to support you.

For further information please see contact Br Hasnayn Awan at 


This trek is open to all anyone U16 needs to accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them for the day. You wiill also need to fill out an application form which downloadable from the website or this email.


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