Foundations of Islam

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UK Islamic Mission Youth [UKIM Youth] have teamed up with the European Institute of Islamic Sciences [EIIS] based in Oldham, to provide an exclusive two-year study programme titled ‘Foundations of Islam’, focused on the essentials of Islam. This FREE study programme, for both brothers and sisters will take place during four weekends annually in various UKIM venues across the country.

The four main subjects that will be covered throughout the study programme are; Quran, Hadith, Seerah and Fiqh. The free study programme includes all course material, food and overnight accommodation. The study programme has limited spaces and registration will take place on a first come first serve basis.

The first session will take place at the EIIS in Oldham on Saturday 22nd October from 2pm till 12pm on Sunday 23rd October 2016. Session one is titled ‘The key to success’ and the course material will include the Fiqh of purification & the Fiqh of Salah.

Course subjects

1. Quran- To guide our study of the Qur’an we will use ‘A Journey Through the Qur’an’ written by Shaykh Hassan Al-Banna as a reflective summary of the key verses within each Surah, we will overview every Surah in the Qur’an by extracting the key beliefs, morals and injunctions.

2. Hadith- The statements of Prophet Muhammad (saw) are the second source of Islam and by using the compilation of fourty two Hadith by Imam Al-Nawawi titled ‘Al-Arbain’ (The Fourty) students will cover all of the major aspects of Islam.

3. Seerah- The life of Prophet Muhammad (saw) was first taught by his companions to their children and formed a vital part of their learning alongside a study of the Qur’an and the Prophets statements. Using the two earliest books written about the Sirah by Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Hisham alongside extracts from early Hadith books students will cover all of the major events in the Prophets life including what took place before Prophethood, the Makkan era, the migration and life in Madinah.

4. Fiqh- To act according to divine guidance has been the subject of contention and controversy which affects almost all Muslims during their life, we will offer a practical approach in dealing with these sometimes challenging topics by using al-Fiqh al-Islami According to the Hanafi Madhhab by Shaykh Akram Nadwi, a critically acclaimed text that covers Al-Ibadat (actions of worship), i.e. Purification (Taharah), Prayer (Salah), Fasting (Siyam), Alms (Zakah), and Pilgrimage (Umrah and Hajj). The fiqh course is based on the works of Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi primarily, al-Fiqh al-Islami According to the Hanafi Madhhab, volumes I and II. The aim of this course is for students to cover the four key ritual of worship, Salah, Zakah, Siyam and Hajj. The course centres on the Hanafi juristic school’s guidance upon how these four pillars of Islam are to be performed.

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