On the 25th of October, UKIM Youth Members and Volunteers gathered together in their localities across the country to help the community and show Islam for what it really is; a religion of peace. This year’s Day of Action saw Madinah Masjid Keighley litter picking in their local cemetery, making it the first of many regular clean ups in the cemetery. Also litter picking were the Newbold Rochdale, who spent the day in their local area cleaning up. On the other side of Rochdale, the Neeli Branch of UKIM spent the day visiting their local care homes, giving company to the elderly living there.

UKIM Walsall endured a charitable soaking as they spent the day washing cars for charity. One of the London branches led by Br Usaid took their youth to the heart of the capital for the purpose of spreading the true message of Islam. With flowers and chocolates, Hadith cards were handed out to people passing by in London Central. Many other branches across the nation have also been doing similar activities all for the purpose of spreading the true message of Islam and benefitting the wider community.

With a great turn out and committed young people, UKIM Youth managed to communicate the message of Islam to hundreds of people through many means. We pray UKIM Youth have the ability to carry on their hard work through the years , increasingly benefitting those around them both physically and spiritually, regardless of faith or race.